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Worldwide Geosurveys

Geophysical and Hydrographic survey specialists.

Specialist Expertise 

We can provide experienced personnel to fulfil key offshore roles

Client Representative

Instrumental in the efficient running and successful delivery of a project.

Field representative overseeing the safety and conformity of offshore work being carried out on behalf of the Client by contractors or their sub-contractors.

Party Chief

Responsible for the survey operations and the survey personnel on board.

Contractor's field manager coordinating the project and reporting of survey related matters.  Ensuring that all contractual components are delivered.


Interpretation of geophysical, geochemical and geological data.

Interpreting geophysical, geochemical and geotechnical data and ensuring consistent quality to develop accurate models of the subsurface of the earth.

Hydrographic Surveyor

Specialist in precise positioning, data acquisition and processing .

Accurately measuring and mapping the world's underwater surfaces and studying the morphology of the seabed, showing the depth, shape and contours.

Services Offered

Our experienced personnel can offer tailored services to meet specific components of your project requirements

Project Planning

Equipment selection
Line planning
Logistics planning

Vessel Mobilisation

Equipment installation
Sea trials

Processing and Interpretation

Processing of collected survey data
Data analysis
Interpretation and modelling

Reporting and Charting

Reports coordination
Operational and Results reporting
Cartography and GIS

Experience Record

We have provided expertise in a wide variety of offshore operations

-   Project Planning   -   Project Management   -   Hydrographic Surveys   -

-   Client Consultation   -   Planning Advice   -   Geotechnical Sampling   -

-   Vessel Mobilisation   -   Data Interpretation   -   Data Processing   -

-   Charting   -   Reporting   -   Geophysical Surveys   -   Geochemical Sampling   -

-   Seismic Surveys   -   Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)   -   Magnetometry   -

-   Gradiometer Surveys  -   ROV   -   AUV   -   Drilling   -   CPT   -   Vibrocoring   -

-   Piston Coring   -   Sidescan Sonar   -   Bathymetry   -   Multibeam Echosounder   -

Sub-bottom Profiling   -   Watercolumn Imaging   -   Reports Coordination   - 

 -   Data Management   -   Consultancy  -   Cable Routes   -   Pipeline Routes   -

-   Debris Detection and Clearance   -   Heatflow   -   Environmental Surveys   -

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